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 MeasureReady™ M81-SSM Synchronous Source Measure System
MeasureReady™ M81-SSM Synchronous Source Measure System


M81-SSM Synchronous Source Measure System

The Lake Shore M81-SSM features:


Unique real-time sampling architecture for synchronous sourcing and measuring

  • MeasureSync™ technology for simultaneous source module update and measure module sampling timing across all channels
  • DC/AC amplitude and phase detection are user-selectable on all measure channels
  • Common DAC/ADC sampling clock ensures highly precise and consistent source/measure timing coordination between 3 sources and 3 measures

Designed for scientific-grade low-level measurement applications 

  • Linear module power supply architecture for lowest possible source/measure noise
  • Fully analog signal paths between data converters, modules, and the device under test (DUT)
  • Remote modules for the shortest possible signal path to the DUT, which separates sensitive analog circuits from digital circuits and unwanted sources of interference typical of traditional single-enclosure instrument designs

The absolute precision of DC plus the detection sensitivity performance of AC instrumentation

  • All source and measure channels are capable of DC and AC to 100 kHz signals
  • Optimized for fundamental, harmonic, and phase AC plus DC biased measurements
  • Modularity allows for flexible, user-configured modules to suit a specific application

Unique, flexible instrument/distributed module architecture

  • Remote-mountable amplifier modules are interchangeable between instruments
  • Modules are dynamically recognized when the system is reconfigured
  • Uses a clean, simple UI and a common programming API for fast setup and a shorter learning curve

Webinar—new concept for semiconductor characterization

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An innovative architecture for coordinating low-level measurements from DC to 100 kHz

The Lake Shore MeasureReady™ M81-SSM (Synchronous Source and Measure) system provides a confident and straightforward approach for advanced measurement applications. The M81-SSM is designed to eliminate the complexity of multiple function-specific instrumentation setups, combining the convenience of DC and AC sourcing with DC and AC measurement, including a lock‑in’s sensitivity and measurement performance. Read the related lock-in amplifier app note. 

This extremely low-noise simultaneous source and measure system ensures inherently synchronized measurements from 1 to 3 source channels and from 1 to 3 measure channels per half-rack instrument — while also being highly adaptable for a range of material and device research applications.

Components of the M81-SSM

Components of the M81-SSM

  • Connect up to three source modules and up to three measure modules
  • Exchange modules and adapt the configuration for each measurement
  • All modules are capable of measuring with DC and AC to 100 kHz
  • All modules are optimized for the highest precision with common amplitude and frequency references

Flexible measurement capabilities


The M81-SSM provides DC and AC stimulus and measurement capabilities for characterizing materials and devices in cryogenic, room temperature, and high-temperature environments. 

Choose a combination of differential current source and voltage measurement modules for low-resistance applications requiring a precise stimulus current and the noise-cancellation benefits of balanced (floating) sample connections. Or mix and match with additional voltage source and current measurement modules for complex higher-impedance or gate-biasing applications where precise voltage control and sweeping test regimes are required.

Unlike a narrow-bandwidth DC system, these modules operate from very low frequencies to 100 kHz. You can select a measurement bandwidth to avoid 1/f noise and other bands where test environment noise is highest.

The system’s MeasureSync™ technology samples all sourcing and measurement channels at precisely the same time, enabling multiple DUTs to be tested under identical conditions so you can obtain consistent data.

Lake Shore MeasureLINK™ software can provide configurable measurement scripts and loops to support a variety of applications. It facilitates easy integration with Lake Shore cryogenic probe stations as well as third-party systems. 

These combined capabilities make the M81‑SSM a superior solution for characterizing several test structures, including nanostructures, single- and multilayer atomic structures, MEMs, quantum structures, organic semiconductors, and superconducting materials.

Read our tech note: 'A New Approach to Low-Level Measurements of  Nanostructures'


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