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attoDRY800 Cryostat
attoDRY800 Cryostat



optical cryostat

○ cold breadboard integrated into optical table

→ obstruction-free work space & optical access

○ market leading low drift & vibration performance

→ enables sensitive long-term measurements

○ high quality vacuum system with turbo pump

→ keeps your samples clean

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"Wide-field cryo-microscopy with the attoDRY800 optical cryostat"

Quantum optics experiments often require cryogenic temperatures in combination with optical access to the sample space. Most experimental setups contain numerous optical elements that need to be precisely arranged on an optical table to shape and prepare the incident light, as well as to efficiently collect and convert the emitted light from the sample. The available space on the optical table in such cases is of paramount importance to many complex setups.

The revolutionary concept and design of the attoDRY800 optical cryostat present the perfect solution to satisfy these demanding requirements: it consists of an ultra low vibration cold breadboard platform which is fully integrated into an optical table. The cryocooler assembly is located in the otherwise unused space underneath. This unique design ensures a free workspace and unobstructed optical access to the cold sample from all directions on the optical table. Apochromatic objectives with high numerical aperture (NA=0.81-0.95) can either be integrated into the cryostat, into the vacuum shield, or put in close working distance next to the optical windows from the outside. This ensures extremely low drifts and optimal collection efficiency.

Being a closed-cycle cryostat, the attoDRY800 is the perfect replacement for all optical helium flow cryostat setups, adding the huge advantage that it requires no liquid cryogens and thus minimizing running costs. In addition, a fully automated temperature control between 3.8 and 320 K conveniently enables unattended long measurement cycles. Most other off-the-shelf closed-cycle cryostats suffer from severe vibrations at the sample location, which typically are in the range of many microns. Thanks to our patented vibration isolation technique, the residual vibrations on the cold plate of the attoDRY800 were measured to be around 2.6 nm peak-to-peak (vertical direction) only. Hence, with the attoDRY800 optical cryostat even extremely sensitive measurements are possible. Its cold breadboard sample space is designed to host several of attocube’s patented nanopositioners, as well as complete microscope or photonic probe station solutions.


attoDRY800 Vacuum Shrouds
With the attoDRY800 optical cryostat the user receives a high quality optical table of his choice, which has an integrated cold plate of 75 mm in diameter. The cryostat is an integral part of the table, and comes in a standard configuration. The position of this cold plate can be chosen upon order. The vacuum shroud can have an almost arbitrary shape depending on the experimental needs of each user. We distinguish between standard configurations, which cover the most typical applications, and fully customized configurations.

Standard Shrouds

From more than 25 years working at the forefront of cryogenic optics applications, as well as learning from our users, and anticipating typical configurations, we have designed several standard vacuum shrouds and cold shields, that are intended for certain types of positioners, sample holders, working distances and objectives.
These options constitute an economic pre-configured set of components that give the user a head start for the research with optics at low and variable temperatures. Most of our standard shrouds feature clever extensions by default, such as a feedthrough ring for optional additional DC, SMA and fiber feedthroughs, as well as a 30 mm and 60 mm cage system with quick release adapters centered around the top window.

optical cryostat attodry800 shrouds, basic, closed

Basic (Standard Shroud)

basic vacuum shroud for use with a room temperature objective

optical cryostat attodry800 shrouds, lt-apo, closed

LT-APO Objective

vacuum shroud for use with low temperature objective

optical cryostat attodry800 shrouds, photonic probe station, closed

Photonic Probe Station

vacuum shroud for photonic probe station incl. optical side access

optical cryostat attodry800 shrouds, rt free beam, closed

RT free-beam/5-sides

vacuum shroud with medium WD for RT objectives from 5 sides

optical cryostat attodry800 shrouds, rt-swd, closed


vacuum shroud for use with room temperature objective & positioners

optical cryostat attodry800 shrouds, rt transmission, closed

RT Transmission

vacuum shroud for transmission measurements with RT objectives

optical cryostat attodry800 shrouds, lt objective/fiber transmission, closed

RT & LT Objective Transmission

vacuum shroud for transmission measurements with an RT objective and a cold fiber/objective

Customized Shrouds
Anything above the table surface can be customized according to the technical requirements and preferences of the user and his/her application. In the following, we show a collection of previously sold customized vacuum shroud configurations for the attoDRY800 optical cryostat. Alternatively, we assist customers in designing their own specialized low temperature setup and corresponding vacuum shroud.
Please note that in such cases, certain specifications can only be estimated. attocube will be happy to help with years of experience regarding special requirements in cryogenic environments. Customized shrouds and setups have a slightly longer delivery time compared to standard versions. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have special requests.

optical cryostat Customized Photonic Probe Station 1

Customized Photonic Probe Station

vacuum shroud for 3 independent xyz stacks (2 fiber probes and sample)

optical cryostat Large Space Shroud with 5 Windows 1

Large Space Shroud with 5 Windows

compatible with maximum xy travel range for large samples

optical cryostat Customized Electrical Probe Station 2

Customized Electrical Probe Station

for electric transport measurements up to 20 GHz with extended xz travel range for larger samples

optical cryostat Vacuum Objective Shroud 1

Vacuum Objective Shroud

combines cold sample on xyz stages with a vacuum objective and low WD

optical cryostat HV Objective and LCC Sample Holder 1

Vacuum Objective Shroud with LCCC

combines cold sample on xyz stages with a vacuum objective, short WD and chip carrier sample holder

optical cryostat Long WD Vacuum Objective Shroud 1

Long WD Vacuum Objective Shroud

combines cold sample on xyz stages with a vacuum objective and long WD

optical cryostat Customized permanent magnet Shroud 1

Customized Permanent Magnet Shroud

LT-APO configuration with ex-situ movable permanent magnet

optical cryostat Photonic Probe Station 1

Photonic Probe Station - 1 Fiber

customized vacuum shroud compatible with LT-APO, 1 fiber probe, and optical side access

optical cryostat RT-LT free-beam Transmission 1

RT Free-beam LT Fiber Transmission

customized vacuum shroud for transmission based on RT objective and LT fiber

optical cryostat RT-LT Transmission cage system 1

RT-LT Transmission Cage System

customized vacuum shroud for transmission based on RT objective and LT objective, compatible with cage system

optical cryostat RT-LT Transmission with extra stack 1

RT-LT Transmission with Extra Stack

customized vacuum shroud for transmission based on RT objective and LT objective with additional LT fiber stack

optical cryostat RT Ojbective Short WD with LCCC shroud.jpg

RT Objective Short WD with LCCC

vacuum shroud for cold sample on xyz stages with chip carrier sample holder, and RT objective with short WD

optical cryostat THz Transission Setup 1

THz Transission Setup

for optical measurements in THz regime with free beam access from sides

optical cryostat LT-APO Transmission 1

LT-APO Transmission

for free beam optics from two sides and with cryogenic objectives

optical cryostat XXL cold plate

XXL Cold Plate

enlarged cold plate with free beam access from top






advanced control for attocube cryostats

optical cryostat, features, decide size

Optical Table Size

choose the right size for your laboratory

optical cryostat, features, ultra short distance

Ultra-Short Working Distance

optimize your numerical aperture

optical cryostat, features, electrical feedthrough

Electrical and Optical Feedthrough Options

upgrade your wiring


Table Configurator

choose the location of the cool breadboard

microscopes, features, apochromatic objectives

Apochromatic Objectives

for low temperature