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Compact Mobile Cryogenics Compressor
Compact Mobile Cryogenics Compressor
infrastructure autonomy for sub 4K applications


IGLU Compressor

helium compressor for GM & Pulse Tube Cryocoolers

○ air-cooled, low heat generation (1kW), single phase

→ autonomous from special infrastructure

○ 19” rack compatible, orientation-free operation, robust against shocks

→ truly compact & mobile

○ remote adjustable power and cold head speed

→ energy saving operation and standby modes

The attocube IGLU compressor takes the operation of cryogenic systems with target temperatures below 4 K to a new level. It constitutes a quantum leap in compactness and ease of integration and overcomes extensive infrastructure requirements which had been compulsory in cryogenic applications so far.

It is the world's first compressor system that is designed for the integration into 19-inch racks. The low heat generation allows for usage in most vented or climatized rooms without the need of additional cooling infrastructure. The low heat generation sets new standards in terms of sustainability: it can be plugged into a regular wall socket in virtually any room. The adjustable power and cold head speed via ethernet allows to further lower the energy consumption, and thus even enhancing the lifetime of the full cryocooler system.

This high efficiency is based on the patented IGLU technology, a new method to compress the refrigerant for cryogenic systems. In a clean and robust process, pure compression of helium takes place without the previously common admixture of oil, avoiding the need of bulky and fragile oil separation and filtering or absorbing methods. Due to this extremely robust separation, fully mobile applications are possible, unaffected by tilting or movements even under operation.

The infrastructure autonomy for sub 4K applications in this compressor system is achieved by the new pumping technology, that generates only a low level of heat and  needs only a low electrical energy input of around 1 kW like usual server systems. The compact 19" rack system is driven by an industrial grade pump with full circle separation between oil and helium that allows real adaptive power to generate lower energy modes.




Mobile Application

robust by design - automotive grade mounting methods


Small Size Rack Module

removeable wheels and handles


Upgrade Existing Cryo Systems

compatible with GM & pulse tube cryocoolers


Platform Independent Connectivity

ethernet & webserver control for smart user control and automation