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Displacement Measuring Interferometer
Displacement Measuring Interferometer


Displacement Measuring Interferometer

IDS3010 - minitaturized diplacement measurment 

○ certified accuracy

→ accuracy in nanometer range

○ large distance range

→ from a few mm up to 30m

○ compact and modular design

→ 3-axis measurement, sensor heads down to  Ø 1.2mm

○ vacuum and clean room compatible

→ UHV ~ 10 bar, a few mK ~ 423K

The IDS3010 (Interferometric Displacement Sensor) measures displacements (incremental distance) in the nanometer range. The modular and miniaturized design of the IDS3010 makes it easy to adapt all three measurement axes to a broad variety of applications.

With its compact size, the IDS3010 displacement measuring interferometer can be directly integrated into machines and is the product of choice for challenging OEM & synchrotron applications. A passively cooled housing minimizes noise and vibrations, and avoids disturbing other optical and electrical components.

For even more confined applications, sensor heads can be remotely operated and interconnected via glass fibers. The Fabry-Perot technology of the displacement measuring interferometer enables sensor heads with less components and thus more stable measurements.

A broad spectrum of digital and analog real-time interfaces and protocols enables the simple transmission of position data. The high-speed interfaces for real-time data communication are AquadB, proprietary serial word (HSSL), synthetic analog sin/cos/ and a linear analog output signal. All signals can be outputted as either single-ended (LVTTL) or differential (LVDS).


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Certified Accuracy

The stabilized laser source enables a certified repeatability and accuracy in the nanometer range. The PTB (Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt, Germany) has officially tested and proofed the high accuracy of IDS3010. Furthermore, each IDS3010 is NIST-traceable (Metrology Tech Note).

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Large Distance Range

The IDS3010 is capable of dynamic displacement measurements from a few millimeters until up to 30 m. The high bandwidth of up to 10 MHz allows also for vibration detection even at high distances.

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Compact and Modular Design

The minituarized and fiber-based design of the IDS3010 controler and the sensor heads allow for integration into space-limited systems. Its modularity enables easy replacement and rearrangement.

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Extreme Environment Compatiblitiy

The sensor heads and optical fibers work even under extreme environments, like ultra-high vacuum, low temperature, or radiation-harsh environments. Due to the Fabry-Pérot interferometer principle, the sensor heads provide highest accuracy and reliability even during temperature changes.



Standard Sensor Heads

compact and fiber based for any application & environment


Multiple sensor head types open a broad application field for interferometric measurement tasks. A selection of different sizes and mounting options facilitates the integration into machines or laboratory setups. 

The beam shape is the key to find a suitable solution for your specific requirements and the shown diagram provides an overview of the measurement performance for attocube’s standard sensor heads.

displacement sensors, sensor heads, M12/C7.6

Sensor Head M12/C7.6

Ø 14 mm, length 49.2
working range up to 5 m
target: retroreflector

displacement sensors, sensor heads, D4/F17

Sensor Head D4/F17

Ø 4 mm, length 11.5 mm
working range up to 65 mm
target: various surfaces and materials


Sensor Head M12/C1.6

Ø 14 mm, length 17.4 mm
working range up to 1000 mm
target: mirror and retroreflector

displacement sensors, sensor heads, M12/F40

Sensor Head M12/F40

Ø 14 mm, length 19.5 mm
working range up to 50 mm
target: various surfaces and materials


Sensor Head M15.5/C1.6/FLEX

Ø 22 mm, length 20.6 mm
working range up to 1000 mm
target: mirror and retroreflector

displacement sensors, sensor heads, M15.5/F40/FLEX

Sensor Head M15.5/F40/FLEX

Ø 22 mm, length 22.7 mm
working range up to 50 mm
target: various surfaces and materials


Sensor Head D1.2/F18

Ø 1.2 mm, length 7.5 mm
working range up to 34 mm
target: various surfaces and materials

displacement sensors, sensor heads, D12/F2.8

Sensor Head D12/F2.8

Ø 12 mm, length 32.3 mm
working range 2.8 (± 4 µm)
target: various surfaces and materials


Customized Sensorics Solutions

Having roots in the field of fundamental research, attocube offers a profound understanding of material characteristics and applied technologies not only in ambient, but also in extreme conditions. With the core competence in converting complex scientific devices into user-friendly industry products, attocube collaborated with today’s technological pioneers and developed the first commercial fiber based interferometer on the market.

The modular design makes cutting-edge measurement performance of interferometry accessible for various applications, even in extreme environments, and allows flexible integration into space confined machines and setups. 

It is our goal  to find the perfect solution for your needs, no matter how complex the challenge may be. Despite the versatility enabled by the combination of different standard components, some complex set-ups require services or products that are individually tailored to a specific application or environmental condition. 

Whether you need test measurements, modification of optical components, or consulting on sensor head integration, attocube is your trusted partner for nano precise measurements. Contact us with your request and we will team up to solve your challenge.

Find the fitting sensor head:


Multiple sensor head types and individually customized focal lengths open broad application fields for interferometric measurement tasks. However it can be challenging to understand and derive the resulting key performance criteria for a specific setup. 

Therefore, the shown diagrams provide a detailed overview of dependency between target type, focus length and measurement performance for attocube’s sensor heads.

Find out more in our Tech Note on Customized Sensor Heads

Components adjusted for your measurement task:


Types of Optics

various optics for different sensor head geometries


Focal Length

multiple combinations of working distances & angular tolerances



pre-aligned solutions & mounts for extreme environments


Fibers and Feedthroughs

broad selection of fiber lengths, materials & feedthrough connections


Controller Modifications

application tailored firmware & electronics performance


Mirrors and Retroreflectors

measurement targets in various shapes & sizes, suitable for extreme environments


displacement sensors, features, interfaces.png

Real Time Interfaces

high speed machine communication

displacement sensors, features, software wave

Software WAVE

streaming function & data processing


Axis Calibration Software

automated & standardized calibration of CNC machines and CMMs

displacement sensors, features, integrated web server

Integrated Web Server

simple sensor alignment and remote configuration



displacement sensors, services, loan service

Loan Service for IDS

testing the interferometer under real conditions

sensorics, services, measurement explained

Measurement Explained

how to install and use the interferometer

displacement sensors, services, service and training

Services and Training

test measurements, installation support, and training