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attoDRY2200 Cryostat
attoDRY2200 Cryostat
automated top-loading ultra-low vibration cryostat with ultra-sensitivity SPM measurement



automated top-loading ultra-low vibration cryostat with ultra-sensitivity SPM measurement

○ the new benchmark in ultra-low vibration

→ makes liquid cryostat obsolete even for the sensitive AFM measurements

○ automated control via eNSPIRE electronics

→ web-server, live plotting & logging, versatile API

○ top loading probe with free-beam access in vector magnetic fields

→ versatile SPM platform for 2D materials research

A broader adoption of groundbreaking technologies and material systems like quantum sensing (ODMR), 2D magnets, and skyrmions, requires closed-cycle cryostats to reach a whole new level of evolution in vibration stability and to enable nanometer lateral resolution, while at the same time still offering variable magnetic fields.

The closed-cycle cryostat attoDRY2200 is attocube’s answer to those demanding requirements and will make the mentioned technologies more accessible to a broader community. Equipped with a proprietary ultra-efficient vibration-damping system, a choice of vector magnets, and an automated, user-friendly, variable temperature control, this cryostat is the best choice to implement state-of-the-art SPM measurements.

The attoDRY2200 offers a fully automated cooldown from 300K to a base temperature of down to 1.65K – and everything in between. Complimented by an automatic magnetic field control, the superconducting vector magnets make the maximum magnetic field over the whole temperature range easily accessible.

The unmatched cooling performance via exchange gas coupling provides an initial cooldown time of the complete system of around 15-20 hours, while the turn-around time during sample exchange is around 5-8 hours. The integrated touchscreen allows for conveniently setting the desired field (B) and temperature (T) without using a PC.

More elaborate measurement schemes such as programmable sweeps of B and T are easily possible via versatile application programming interfaces (APIs). The top-loading design enables a quick and easy sample exchange, while offering a generous sample space of 49.7 mm in diameter.

The closed-cycle cryostat attoDRY2200 constitutes a unique ultra-low vibration measurement platform for cryogenic scanning probe experiments without the need for liquid helium. By the additional damping system, the mechanical vibrations created by the pulse-tube coldhead are extremely efficiently decoupled from the sample space. Our internal application measurements have confirmed an extremely high lateral stability in our scanning probe microscopes. This allows for a lateral resolution in atomic force microscopy that matches or even outperforms the performance in previous liquid-helium-based variable-temperature magnet cryostats. The attoDRY2200 paves the way for ultra-sensitive SPM on hot topics such as 2D materials, domain walls, multiferroics or superconducting samples with nanostructures.






advanced control for attocube cryostats

cryostats, features, removable optical breadboard

Optical Breadboard Add-On

option for attoDRY1000/2100

cryostats, features, cfm base kit

CFM Base Kit

for magneto optics (optional)



next generation vibration damping optimized for sensitive LT-SPM

                                   Compatible Microscopy

attoAFM I



attoCFM I

attoCFM IV

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